Alpinia caerulea RedBack

  Alpinia caerulea Red Back

  $125.00/1000 seeds

  Common Name:  Atherton Native Ginger

  Alpinia caerulea Red Back has broad green leaves with a red underside, growing

  to 2 m tall and 1 m wide.  Prefers light to full shade and grows well indoors, with 

  fragrant white flowers late spring to early summer, followed by blue berries.







Backhousia myrtifolia 1

 Backhousia myrtifolia

$40.00/25 g

Common Name:  Grey Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle

Backhousia myrtifolia is a riparian species on dry banks and rocky

areas.  A small tree growing to 7 m, preferring full sun, disliking

shade.  Has cream flowers and cinnamon scented leaves.  Drought

hardy when mature.



Cordyline petiolaris 1

  Cordyline petiolaris

  $45.00/1000 seeds

  Common Name:  Broad Leaved Palm Lilly

  Cordyline petiolaris is a native rainforest understorey plant growing

  5 to 7 m tall.  An attractive, hardy plant for landscaping or indoor foliage, 

  it bears white to purple flowers in winter and spring, followed by bright

  red berries.  Prefers moist soil and semi-shade. 





Syzygium tierneyanum 1

Syzygium tierneyanum

$102.00/1000 seeds

Common Name:  River Cherry, Bamaga Satinash

Syzygium tierneyanum is a native plant, growing 5 to 10 m tall and

3 to 6 m wide in full sun to semi-shade.  The edible red berries

are a food source for Cassowaries and is attractive to other

birds and butterflies.



Syzygium wilsonii 1

  Syzygium wilsonii

  $85.00/1000 seeds

  Common Name:  Powderpuff LillyPilly

  Syzygium wilsonii is a native plant growing 1 to 3 m tall.  Ideal

  for rainforest gardens or potted verandah plants, it has a 

  weeping habit with reddish-brown new foliage, large, fluffy

  flowers spring to summer, followed by fleshy, edible fruit.

  Attracts birds such as honeyeaters. 


Allocasuarina luehmannii 1

Allocasuarina luehmannii 2

Allocasuarina luehmanii

$27.00/25 g, $995.00/kg

9 to 15 m high

Nitrogen fixing, moderately salt tolerant and moderately

drought resistant.  Useful as a windbreak or shelterbelt

species.  Regenerates after fire.  The wood is valued

in furniture making.


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Dietes grandiflora

$27.50/1000 seeds

Dietes grandiflora 1Dietes grandiflora 2 Flower

Common Name:  Large Wild Iris, Fairy Iris 

Dietes grandiflora is a clumping, evergreen perennial with flowers that last several days. 

A drought and frost hardy plant, it is ideal for border/edging in low maintenance gardens, waterway

banks anderosion control.


Dietes iridioides

$35.00/1000 seeds

Dietes iridioides 2Dietes iridioides 1 Flower

Common Name:  Wild Iris, Butterfly Iris 

Dietes iridioides is a compact, evergreen perennial.  The attractive flowers on long stems only last one day.

Like D. grandiflora, it is ideal as a border/edging plant as well as useful for erosion control on steep slopes. 

Drought and frost hardy.


Ficus coronata

$43.50/1000 seeds

Ficus coronata 1Ficus coronata 2 Fruit

Common Name:  Sandpaper Fig 

Grows up to 15 m tall, 5 m wide with rough, hairy branches and leaves.  Its natural distribution is east coast

Australia.  A hardy tree, tolerating poor soils, poor light and cold climates, although not frost tolerant. 

Fruit is edible and it is popular as a bonsai specimen.


Strelitzia reginae

$95.00/1000 seeds

Strelitzia reginae 2 FlowerStrelitzia reginae 1

Common Name:  Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginae is a popular ornamental landscaping plant growing to 2 m tall.  It is low maintenance and

prefers warm, sunny climates.  Flowers are good as cut flowers in arrangements.


Strelitzia nicolai

$95.00/1000 sees

Strelitzia nicolai 1Strelitzia Nicolai

Common Name:  Giant White Bird of Paradise

An interesting landscaping plant in frost-free, tropical to sub-tropical gardens, Strelitzia nicolai grows to

10 m tall and 4 m wide.  Large banana-like leaves grow in a fan-like arrangement.  A great indoor pot plant.


Strelitzia juncea

$475.00/1000 seeds

Strelitzia juncea 2Strelitzia juncea 1

Common Name:  Crane Flower

Strelitzia juncea is a slow growing, non-spreading plant with green-grey, rush-like leaf stalks.  Flowers are similar to

S. reginae, also good as cut flowers.  Growing 1 to 2 m tall, Strelitzia juncea makes a very interesting landscape

feature plant.  Drought resistant.




Nitraria billardierii

$12/25 g, $189/kg

Nitraria billardierii, commonly known as Nitre Bush or Emu Bush, is a salt tolerant shrub, growing up to 2 m high and spreading up to 4 m. It bears white flowers in spring, followed by fruit which are edible and were a source of food for indigenous peoples and a popular food source for Emus. Nitraria billardierii grows in saline, clay and loamy soils, coastal and inland and can be used for revegetation of overgrazed areas.

Nitraria billardierei 2Nitraria billardierei 3Nitraria billardierei 1



Bixa orellana

$9.00/25 g, $159/kg

Bixa Orellana, commonly known as the Lipstick Tree, is a tropical shrub to small tree growing up to 6 m, with white or pink flowers followed by spiny, red-brown fruit that ripens throughout the year.  It originates from South America, mostly known as the source of annatto from the pulp covering the seeds - extracts of which are used as a food colouring.  


Bixa orellana 1Bixa orellana 2Bixa orellana 3 






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Hymenosporum flavum

Hymenosporum flavum $19.50/25 g, $675/kg

Common name:  Native Frangipani

Hymenosporum flavum is a rainforest tree native to Queensland and New South Wales.  In spring it bears pale yellow fragrant flowers that change to brighter yellow with glossy dark green leaves.  Attracts bees, butterflies and honey-eating birds.



Callistemon salignus

Callistemon salignus $11/25 g, $275/kg

syn Melaleuca salicina

Common name:  White Bottlebrush

Callistemon salignus is a shrub / small tree native to eastern Australia.  New growth foliage is red, aging to green, and bears white / creamy bottlebrush flowers in spring.



Cinnamomum oliveri

Cinnamomum oliveri $16/25 g, $450/kg

Common name:  Oliver’s Sassafras

Cinnomomun oliveri is a medium to large rainforest tree, around 30 m tall, of coastal eastern Australia, growing from Illawarra, New South Wales to Cape York Peninsula, Queensland.